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Representative Assignments (2002-2009)

Accounting and Reporting
Created executive summary and detail annual budget / business plan and quarterly internal and
external reporting templates. Assisted in the conversion of Historical Cost GAAP financial statements to FMV GAAP.

Governance, Policies and Procedures
Established internal policies framework for an advisory firm's Investment Committee to comply with operating agreements and fiduciary standards, including flowcharting key processes and decision making.

Performance Measurement
Designed spreadsheets to calculate time-weighted returns, IRR's, composites, attribution analysis, slicing and dicing, and incentive fees. Created a database with integrated pivot table spreadsheets to produce the quarterly NCREIF / Townsend Fund Index reports.

Analyzed public pension plan investment profiles, including investment allocations, guidelines, historical performance,
portfolio composition and advisor selections.

Risk Management and Compliance
Performed reviews of operations to ensure compliance with industry standards and recommended process efficiencies. Assist managers with documentation to become compliant with industry standards (GIPS and REIS).

System Design and Data Analysis
Assisted business and technology personnel with a system design project to calculate and analyze performance returns. Designed and built an Investor Reporting System for Commingled Funds, including investor compositing and IRR's.

Training and Marketing
Educated various business groups about institutional investor reporting standards, performance measurement and benchmarking.


CPA, 5 years in Public Accounting (Audit Manager), 15 years in Private Industry (Controller and Department Head),
7 years as an Independent Consultant (President), Chairperson of NCREIF Performance Measurement, Member of GIPS Real Estate Sub-Committee, Member of NCREIF Education Committee

Internal / external reporting, technology, budgeting, tax, audit, marketing, treasury, project management

Performance measurement, benchmarking, process efficiencies, system design, strategic planning

Visionary, people oriented, motivator, team player, mentor

Creative, resourceful, problem solver, proactive, enthusiastic

Institutional Investor Reporting, Rate of Return Theory, Performance Returns Workbook Seminar, Performance Measurement Nuts & Bolts
GIPS Compliance, Data Collection & Reporting, Excel Tips and Tricks

Founded a strategic performance reporting department, implemented an ERP business intelligence performance system, chaired the NCREIF performance measurement committee, implemented the Real Estate provisions of GIPS, created NCREIF's first fund level Index and the industry's first ever Value-Added and Opportunistic Fund Indices